Even More Sneaky Link Building Tactics

With the success of my previous sneaky link building tactics post, I decided to go for round 2 with an epic roundup of awesome (and sneaky) tactics!

My New Position on the Search Quality Team

As of the 28th of April, I'll be finishing up on the God of SEO Blog and joining the ranks of the Google Search Quality Team.

How I Earned 6 Figures Before I Was 18

In this post I'll be going over how I earned over six figures in income before I'd even turned 18.

RE: SEO does not Equal Gaming Search Engines

I'll be giving my response to an article by the Canada based SEO Charles on how he actually "games" Google, even though he says its wrong.

Income Report – February 2014

After a rather big delay this month, I've finally got around to publishing this month's God of SEO Income Report.

Building an Online Marketing Strategy from Sc...

My first ever dedicated post to building an entire internet marketing strategy. I'll be showing you how I worked with the rest of the Godlike Marketing team on 48HoursLogo to build up an awe...

The Grand Launch of InsideIM

InsideIM is a dedicated Reddit Style, All Hat Marketing site where users can express themselves in a fun and creative enviroment.

Why MyBlogGuest Was Really Penalized

The recent "network" or not really a network but a guest blogging platform to be hit is MyBlogGuest and I'll take a look at why it was REALLY penalized.

The God of SEO Top 10 #SEOMusic Songs!

I'll be going through my Top 10 Favourite Songs to Listen to whilst doing all my SEO and Internet Marketing work.

3 Quick Wins to Grow your Social Marketing Ca...

In this post, I'll be giving you 3 EPIC Quick Wins on Growth Hacking your Social Media Marketing campaigns with some awesome tools, tips and tricks.

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